Ingredients – I am…

I am an immigrant.
I am the first-born grandchild of the first-born of 10 siblings.
I am constantly code-switching among cultures.
I am a successful executive.
I am a woman.
And today…I become a blogger.  


The opportunity to reflect on my story and sharing those reflections with friends, resulted in prompting (thank you Julie… and Sam… and Gina… and many others) to tell my story. 

Being a first generation Filipina. Needing to navigate culture, college, and career. Weaving experiences and values to pave my way – many times in un-paved spaces – and learning from the missteps along the way. Listening to those who saw something in me and accepting their mentoring… even though I didn’t know that’s what was happening at the time. Realizing how blessed I was to have advocates championing for me… before “sponsorship” became a term in my vocabulary. Would sharing these learnings, experiences, and stories provide ideas, support or even inspiration to others like me – yes… I was told.

So my adventure with you starts today. Recipes of Leadership. 

“Recipes” because I love food… use food analogies ridiculously often… and believe that many components come together for every individual’s brand or style of leadership. My intent is to share the “ingredients” that are foundational to  me and how they evolved to build my approach to leadership over the years. My hope? That this opens the door to identifying your ingredients, creatively utilizing them, and building toward your (… and maybe your team or organization’s) tomorrow.

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