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Hey everyone! Welcome to another #3nomorethan5 in 5, coming to you from the wild.

I’m in Los Angeles and wanted to share some thoughts – actually revisiting thoughts – from a post I put up a couple months ago or so, “Managing Beyond Four Walls.”

I was getting some feedback that there was interest in perhaps looking at that more in depth, breaking out some of the components, because there seem to be folks out there that are looking for ways to transition from being that individual contributor to a manager to a leader. How are some of the experiences that I’ve had, that I have observed, how can I share that with you? So that you can start to formulate these thoughts for yourself and hopefully progress forward in your journey.

As I think about my post, there are some components there that we’re going to delve into in the weeks ahead. So look for some posts around components like transitioning from me to we. As an individual contributor, you focus on your work, what you do, it’s important. But as a manager, you’ve got to have others to join in and help.

How can you do that? What are some of the things I’ve observed and what are some of the things you can think about as you transition from me to we?
As you do that, there’s also the component of communication. There’s trust building – how do you relate to your team, what you want to get done? So expect something that’s coming your way called, “Tell me what you’re gonna tell me, tell me, and tell me what you told me.” Ways that you can communicate, set expectations, and now get the broader group to join you in a concerted effort to execute.

Beyond that, you’re gonna have to figure out what’s the big picture. So if I’m doing something, the team’s doing something – what are you trying to do together? And how will you execute it together?

So look for something along the lines of figuring out what that big picture is, and how you can bring that together to get it to the fourth stage, which is selling the dream.

Being able to articulate to your team, execute with your team, is one thing. But there are always going to be components beyond you – upper management, senior leadership, collaborators and partners in different segments, so you gotta be able to sell that dream.

We’ll cover things like transitioning from me to we, looking at how we communicate and build trust, being able to then make sure you know what that big picture is that you’re trying to drive towards, and then selling that big picture dream. I hope that you’re gonna be able to pull together some thoughts of your own that  hopefully will be part of your trajectory as you’re learning what it is that you can do, to build upon, to contribute to elevating into whatever that next level of success looks like for you.

So this is your #3nomorethan5 in 5, a preview to what’s coming. All of it really driven by some curiosity and some follow up where folks are seeming to have interest in what can I do to become a manager? Become a leader? I’m hoping that you’re going to tune in, read, participate, subscribe to the blog, and get some tips & tricks that maybe will help you on that journey.

Until next time – perhaps in Seattle, perhaps in LA, perhaps in another part of the planet that is fabulous and amazing – I hope you’re doing great! I will see you the next #3nomorethan5 in 5. Cheers!

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