Welcome back! It’s #3NoMoreThan5 in 5, the Mommyhood series! This is episode 3 and just as a quick recap, we talked about me taking some time with my mommy cousins to learn about things they learned as they transitioned into working moms. I shared a few things that came to focus for them, things that they maybe didn’t expect to appreciate or be important to them as they transitioned into mommyhood as working individuals. 

This episode is going to be around some of the things I learned that can help us —  partners, colleagues, etc. — support these moms or new parents as they are embarking on this journey. 

Side note: I know in past vlogs i’ve mentioned the first names of the people I’ve been speaking to or about. My cousins are a little shy, so they’ve asked that I don’t specifically identify them, so just be aware that these are real people. 

We talked about what came into crystal clear focus for them and how different all those perspectives were. Just kind of shining a light on how every mom or new parent’s journey is going to feel and look different based on the situation they’re in. But what were some of the things that came up that are perhaps good insights for those of us that play a supporting role for them, both at home and at work? 

One of the things that was very clear was being a parent is work. It’s a lot of time, energy and emotion that goes into shaping and caring for this little being. That is time, energy and emotion that is now split between their professional work and this valuable work at home. So a message I think I got loud and clear is we need to honor that as people who are supporting our colleagues that are new parents or moms. Realize that like any new job, it takes a bit of adjustment. It takes time to get into the rhythm. 

I would offer, how can you and I be thoughtful and encouraging to the new parents who are coming into our workforce. Just acknowledge they have a lot going on! Because they have a lot going on, what can we do to make things a bit easier? That’s not to say I’m advocating for taking work away from a new mom or parent, it’s about offering grace. How can we be supportive and say, “hey, if you need to do this, let me help with that!” And be able to look forward to an opportunity for them to reciprocate at some point. 

That was a really big message for me. This is a new space! Any time you’re learning something new, it’s hard. As colleagues, as partners, how can we share the load emotionally, tactically? How can we be part of what lifts up these new moms and parents? Because it’s going to be something that’s so unique to every experience. Whether it’s the sleep deprivation that you heard form one cousin, that fact that I might be the only mom in my work environment, being thoughtful and cognizant of this change and finding ways to help them juggle this new job as well as their existing work role, I think would play a tremendous role in showing support. 

Just some thoughts from the peanut gallery that I wanted to share with you! Until we get to our next edition in terms of how we can elevate and support them. Thanks for joining! Until the next #3NoMoreThan5 in 5, take care! Cheers!

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