Welcome to episode 4 of Mommyhood in this #3NoMoreThan5 in 5 series. I’ve been sharing with you what I’ve learned from my mommy cousins. Please know this isn’t limited to moms, these are new parents, new dads. I’m sure all of you are learning and struggling through how to adapt to parenthood while also being professionals. So know that I’m not excluding you, it’s just that I happened to speak with my mommy cousins. 

We talked about the things that came to focus for them, things that they maybe didn’t think were all that big a deal but suddenly were crystal clear, as they judged motherhood and professional careers. And we talked about how to support them. The biggest lesson being acknowledgment goes a long way and understanding they may need some time to adjust to juggling these two roles, one of them being very new. 

We’re now at a place where how can we as leaders and managers elevate what they can and are doing as mothers, new parents, new dads? When I ask my cousins this question, what are some of the things we can spotlight as leaders, the things that came from them were “Hey! Acknowledge we have multi-tasking skills!” There’s a lot we have to do to get stuff done for our children, our homes, for our professional lives, and we get it done! So, how is that valuable in the work environment? Do we see that as their leaders and managers? 

Strategic thinking — They’re having to prioritize what things must get done and what things can be put off until a later date — A skill that I’m sure would be valuable in any workplace, irrespective of the space you’re in. 

What about time management? There’s only so many hours in a day, so to prioritize, to multitask, to strategic think these parents, these moms are figuring out how to make the most of the limited time given in our day. But not everyone can go 100mph, non-stop and not breakdown. 

Where on the flip side of this can we not just elevate the skills that new moms and new parents bring to our work environment, how are we also allowing them a chance to perhaps regain some balance or catch their breath. Are we encouraging them to work out? Have you asked, “When was the last time you went out with your girlfriends or had a date night with your partner?” When was the last time you went on a solo weekend to just spend time with yourself, for yourself? All of these things can help rejuvenate a working mom, a new parent. 

While there are some great skillsets that they’re learning and honing as moms and parents (strategic thinking, time management, multitasking, etc.), it’s also incumbent on us as leaders and managers to support their efforts to take care of themselves as individuals. They were a person before they became a new mommy or a new daddy, and we need to help them see that and embrace the value of that because the more a person feels seen and appreciated in the work environment, the more I believe you can tap into all the greatness they can bring your team and your business. 

While I know this is not the end all be all about mommy hood and the transition, I hope it does spark some thought for you in ways you can support, in ways you can be understanding and in ways that you can elevate these new moms/parents so they can continue to contribute to your business and your environment.

Until next time! Thanks for joining! Be well! Cheers!

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