Welcome to another edition of #3NoMoreThan5in5, from the wild. I am recording from Greece as I continue to rest. And while I was resting and thinking about different topics I wanted to share or prepare to post on my blog or do a little recording, I thought about a question that gets posed pretty consistently, or did while I was in my corporate life. That question was, “How did you become the leader that you are?” It’s kind of a big question because there are so many components that go into that and I thought there’s no way I can cover that in a 5 minute or less vlog. So drum roll … here comes another series! 

I wanted to be able to say thank you to the people who influenced me and to acknowledge what they’ve taught me. Some of these people didn’t really know me, they may have influenced me while I was in college or in my childhood, others were definitely part of my career development. 

When I contemplate how I became the leader that I am, it’s because of the different elements they taught me or they brought out in me. Some of my posts will be written, others will be in vlog form. The whole series will be kind of stretched out, so keep an eye out for that. What I’m hoping to be able to share is what did I learn from each of these individuals, what did they draw out of me that became a component of my leadership style and how did I use some of those skills? I’m also hoping that as you go through this series and think about what your leadership skills are, how did you gain them, who taught them to you and how are you utilizing them? How are you keeping in touch with those skills, developing them and continuing to use those skills of good rather than for evil? 

The upcoming series Recipes for Leadership, sharing the different components I’ve gained or built from the influence of very specific people or spaces/times in my life. As I get blown around here vey the winds of Greece, Iw ill see you next time. Thank you for your support, checking in on the vlogs, your subscriptions, participation and discussions. Hopefully this will prompt more thoughts and development for you as well. 

Until next time! Take care, be well, cheers!

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