It’s #3NoMoreThan5in5 from the wild! I’m recording from a little island in the Aegean and I am resting. So, how do you rest? How often do you rest? What do you do when you rest? And what does all that matter?

In my corporate world, it was really important to me that I took my vacation. It was important to me that I had my people take their vacation. The value that came from that really benefited everyone in exponential ways. So the importance of taking vacation for me? Hey, it’s a benefit! It is something that is owed to you, it’s part of your compensation. If you don’t use it, it’s sitting on a table and you’re not taking advantage of something that is absolutely for you, belongs to you and should be something to enjoy. 

While you’re on vacation, take a minute to be present. I know it’s completely unreasonable to unplug perhaps 100%. Back in the day when my partner and I were in busy, big roles, we allowed ourselves 1 to 2 hours every other day or so to check email, make sure things were fine and weren’t needed for some emergency, then we left it along. It was time to go out and enjoy things like this amazing little harbor, I think you might see some of that behind me. We’d really get into the spirit of where we were or where I am today and enjoying all of that. Neurologically, it’s good for you! You’re taking a break from your usual patterns, establishing new patterns or reminding yourself how to learn and be creative because you’re not in your typical space and typical time.

For those of my teammates that did go on vacations, I wanted to make sure they felt good about going on vacation. Rather than perhaps using some of the typical corporate approach of “you show weakness if you’re gone,” “it’s unfair to your team if you take extended vacation,” I think it’s important to say that this is a development opportunity for those that you’re leaving behind. They’re getting a chance to step up. They’re getting a chance to learn part of your role. They’re getting the opportunity to expose themselves to other leaders, to new forms of work and broader scopes of responsibilities. So if all of that comes together well, it’s a win-win-win for everyone! You get your rest, I get my rest, the people that are working get to learn, get to grow and they also believe that they’re going to get a chance to enjoy their vacation at some point too. 

The things I hope you take away from this is: Get your rest! There are weekends built into a work week for a reason. We sleep for certain part of the day and night for a reason. You do need to take a break for things that you do normally in order for you to recharge. You learn differently once you’ve had a chance to get away from your typical activities. As they say when you’re on an airplane, put the mask on yourself first. If you can’t take care of yourself, you have nothing to give to others. I have some friends right now who are working very hard, both on the family front and home front, and I along with my partner have been consistently reminding him that you’ve got to take care of yourself first. Monitor your health, be available because if you’re not healthy, haven’t rested or not well, you don’t have anything to give to those you’re responsible for, that you love and that need you to lead them. 

In the spirit of #3NoMoreThan5in5, get some rest, enjoy that rest, help others enjoy and take that rest. Make sure you got your cup full so that you can share and take care of others. 

Until next time, take care, be well, chat soon. Cheers!

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