Leadership Ladder is excited to offer experienced guidance to individuals around:

  • Diversity-First Talent Strategies
  • Emerging Diverse Leaders
  • Leadership Pipeline
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Executive Coaching

Elevating Individuals

“Elevating” requires actions … and Leadership Ladder is excited to help ignite and sustain those actions toward your future goals and visions.  Here are ways we can help.

Depending on where you are in your career … how you prefer to learn and grow … and what you’re most comfortable with, options include:

Elevate me

Blog subscription | 3mo and annual subscriptions available: Get stories, tips, and thought exercises to reflect on and apply to where you are today. Annual subscriptions provide full access to blog posts and discounted rates for other services.

Mid-Career and Executive Coaching | Single sessions or 4-session packages available: Everyone has a different path, different skills, and a different recipe for success. Exploring and leveraging your unique recipe of leadership for growth in your career was the most fulfilling part of my HR career. Go to to send us a note for more information … it would be a joy and thrill to be a part of this journey with you!

Elevate us

Figuring out how to manage your career journey can feel scary … and lonely. If you learn best in a group or are just more comfortable discussing questions about improving corporate culture, how you can grow your career, or ways to have those tough conversations with your boss/peers while part of a cohort of peers … consider Cohort Coaching:

Cohort Coaching | Blog topic discussions: These sessions are tied to blog postings so you and others can gather to discuss … ask questions … get tips … and interact in ways that can’t happen when just reading words on a page. Subscribe to our free newsletter for updates on when sessions are available … or … subscribe to the blog for additional discounts and early notices to join a cohort session.

Cohort Coaching | Me and my circle: If you have friends or colleagues looking for a safe space to discuss how to elevate your careers or work through challenges in your various companies, bring them together for group coaching session where you can learn from each other and tap into my 20+ years in HR for two established corporations. A quick note to is all it takes to get started.

Cohort Coaching | I’d like to join a circle: I’m curious about getting career coaching … but I don’t feel ready for a one-on-one session. Can I “sample” what career coaching could look and feel like while not being “alone”? Absolutely! Reach out to and we’ll be happy to add you to a cohort group (based on availability)!

Elevating Organizations

A manager and looking for ways to elevate your team’s performance? A leader of an organization looking for simple and effective approaches to aligning how your group or company thinks, operates, and drive business results? Here are some ways we can help:

Workshop & Model | Connective S.P.A.C.E.: No segment of any business stands alone. Each component does something (or several things) that connect to activities across the organization. When all the pieces are contributing toward a shared goal, efficiencies develop … mutual support grows … and a culture of collaboration emerges. This adaptable workshop provides a simple framework to reinforce connectivity in your space to achieve business goals. Want to learn more? Just send a note to and we’ll be happy to set up a time to connect!

Workshop | Accountability Vortex: This workshop is being built … so stay tuned for updates and availability. If curiosity gets the better of you drop a line through … we’ll be happy to connect for additional insights.