I’ve been lagging on my blogging duties.

At first I thought: all good – it’s the holidays … I’m traveling with the family … everyone else is doing the same so NBD. That was November.

In December there’s always a reason to go play rather than buckle down to crank some content out. I was in NYC after all … and who wants to sit and write in freezing sideways rain when I can be exploring galleries in Chelsea / visiting museums in Brooklyn / savoring a proper pastrami on rye at Katz Deli / or seeing a Broadway show?!

Then suddenly it was 2023 – January … a New Year … a fresh start … and that means all kinds of motivation, right?! Weellllll…yes and no. I’m in LA! One of my fabulous cousins is getting married. I need to put my toes in the sand. And I need an In-n-Out burger and fries … all animal style. IYKYK.

Where did the time go?

For a minute I thought: ugh … I suck.

Then I thought: wait a sec … it isn’t as if I’ve been avoiding the blog. Yes – I’m way behind on editing previously written blog content … and … I have ideas for #3nomorethan5in5 videos but haven’t recorded them. BUT … some really cool and exciting things have been in the works.

How was the time spent?

In late November I was invited to join the Advisory Board of CivilianCyber. The work they do (pipeline development … up- and re-skilling talent … workforce & HR analytics) and their focus on veterans/diversity, aligns so well with what I loved in my corporate world and the areas I want to support through Leadership Ladder. Super excited to see where this relationship goes!

In January, a startup I’m involved with was officially created in Japan. Ichizoku is working to bridge gaps between Japanese tech business cultures and non-Japanese tech talent in Asia. That’s a bit of an over-simplification but suffice it to say: the stuff I get to noodle with and explore are super exciting / terrifying / fun and the people I’m privileged to work with are smart … they challenge me … and they’re fun too!

Also, in January Pointers made an exciting announcement: Leadership Ladder is now part of Pointers’ in-house consulting and services group – an added resource to Pointers clients who may need some extra help with human capital strategies and initiatives.

What did I learn in this time?

So what were my lessons learned? In the spirit of #3nomorethan5 …

  1. What seems like inactivity in one space doesn’t necessarily mean I was “inactive”.
  2. Forgive myself for not getting everything done in the time and way I had hoped.
  3. Celebrate the excitement of new adventures with cool partners.
  4. I need to figure out different ways to juggle my time.
  5. Be grateful that between the blog … CivilianCyber … Ichizoku … and Pointers, I have so many different ways to be creative … work with amazing people on cool projects … and share parts of me and my experiences that will hopefully help others.

Q2 of 2023 is just a sneeze away.  I’m sorry if I’ve been absent in this space. Thank you for your patience! But I’m not sorry about all the cool stuff that happened between November and today. More learning and growing to come … stay tuned!

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