Happy Thanksgiving!

The events of the last couple of years and attending my cousin’s wedding last week all came together to remind me: #begrateful. It’s way too easy to get sucked into the doom and gloom. Vax or no vax. Right or left. My way or highway. But taking the time to really seek out and appreciate all that is going well – even in the smallest of ways – brings me to a happy place… puts a smile on my face… and energizes me.

So on this Thanksgiving, a nod to the corny traditionalist in me… and… a few things that pop to mind:

Thank you FAMILY: The personalities… the occasional drama… the words of encouragement… the seeking of advice… the goofiness… the genuine care… the quiet support… the dancing and singing into all hours of the night – there is comfort and joy in being part of a tribe. No matter where you all are on the planet… I am grateful for you!

Thank you FRIENDS: You dine with me… laugh with (and occasionally deservedly at) me… travel with me… spill some amazing tea with (and – let’s get real – sometimes probably about 🤣) me… indulge (or tsk tsk 😂) my bougie antics and have shared #imnotcryingyourecrying moments with me. In the end you “get” me and always encourage me to be the best me I can be.

Thank you UNIVERSE: I’ve been told I “…live a charmed life” (yes, Sandy – I’m channeling you!) The universe has smiled on me and presented opportunities to learn, fail, be scared, adapt, and explore things in ways so rich that it’s hard to describe. Yes… I had to make choices to fully experience it all but the universe has found ways to nudge me in different directions or open doors that pushed me forward. And even though you threw this wacky pandemic on me, through it you showed me ways to learn and grow that probably wouldn’t have happened if life was “the old normal.”

Wherever you may be for the holidays and no matter how you choose to celebrate (or not – that’s ok too!)… I send happy thoughts of warmth and gratitude your way. I also send my congratulations – you made it through yet another challenging and (sorry – I know this is totally cliché now) unprecedented year. I appreciate you!

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