So I’ve been finding myself in several conversations with my cousins. As many of you may know, I am the oldest of 33 first cousins on my mom’s side and many, many more on my dad’s side (because I don’t know all of them, I don’t have a number). As I’m having these conversations and I’m talking to my cousins about starting families, getting married, career progressions, I’m finding myself coming back to the theme of the business of life. 

This is another series in my #3NoMoreThan5 in 5. We’re going to explore a little bit about how I learned to manage my business of life. So managing my money as a young professional, what it looked like as my portfolio started to grow and I needed to know how to best manage that or maybe if I was even qualified to manage my money anymore. As I matured, grew, my parents started to age, the components around building that wholistic look at legalities, healthcare, managing what I needed to access for my folks, and how to best plan not only for my future but really theirs.

The business of life, definitely no silver bullet here but wanted to make sure I introduced you to what is coming both in written and vlog form. For those of you that are subscribers, thank you again for your continued support! If you haven’t subscribed, pop on in and you’ll be able to access all my videos, written blog posts and hopefully this starts a conversation for you and with those around you so you can make sure you’re making the most of what’s coming up ahead. 

The business of life in #3NoMoreThan5 in 5, early career lessons, mid-career lessons, managing my money and as I’ve gotten a little bit older and wiser, figuring out those legalities and elements that I needed to make sure were in place for me as well as my aging parents. I’m hoping to share some helpful information, definitely want to hear from you and your thoughts. If any of these tips and tricks are working, please share and I’d love to continue the conversation offline or maybe have you as a guest on my #3NoMoreThan5 in 5 series.

Thanks again for joining! Good to see all of you! Welcome back to some of you and again thank you to the many subscribers. I appreciate your support. Until next time, be well! Cheers!

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