Hello hello! The blog is up and running and now I am starting some video adventures!

Meet my friend Desi! Desi has been my partner in crime in all of this and she has been helping me with website stuff as well as getting all of this blog stuff together.

This is the introduction to #3nomorethan5… IN 5 (minutes) or less: the video segments of this blog. All of my little video snippets will include friends, people that I know from work… in random places, restaurants, outside in a park, wherever. So… it’s not going to be Hollywood quality. I know, I know… If you know me, and my fabulosity, its probably not going to get to par BUT it is a way for me to share stories with you, share my friends with you, and for you to be able to see a little bit about what real life is with some of the stuff that I am sharing.

So be excited!! #3nomorethan5 in 5 are the videos that you are going to be seeing with me, my friends, and my partners in crime. So until next time, cheers!


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