What is Leadership Ladder?

So what’s the story behind the name?


Leadership Ladder.  Recipes of Leadership.  Since we’re getting to know each other … and … because folks have asked.  I thought it might be helpful to share a bit of the back-story on how I chose the names for my consulting business and my blog.


It’s pretty simple really.  I love helping and growing leaders in organizations.  I believe leadership can happen at every level and in every space.  And ladders help us elevate.  Whether by a little or a lot, I want to inspire and help others elevate what they do, how they think, and the ways they can execute in whatever field or industry they choose.


My career taught me that leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  Despite different styles and skills, those I looked up to knew how to use and adjust their leadership based on situations and audiences while still being their authentic selves.  Each had his/her/their own “secret sauce” and I came to appreciate that leadership is like a recipe.  My pancit (Filipino noodle dish) recipe may not be the same as someone else’s…and that’s ok.  In fact, that’s great!  It allows us to explore and appreciate different types of pancit that could result in a new and innovative way to make this classic dish.  We all have different components (skills and abilities) that come together to create a unique leadership style…and I get excited about helping others identify, develop and refine their “secret sauce”.


So there you have it…the story behind the names and a little insight to how my brain works.  Simple and practical.  Simple isn’t always easy…and…being practical sometimes gets complex.  I’m not always great at achieving both, but I do try … and look forward to learning and trying with you as my blog evolves!