I was listening to a podcast the other day (I think it was Freakonomics) and they were talking about how there are a bunch of self help books out there. A significant number for readers, 50% or more, MAYBE read through the first or second chapter before they put it down. So do these books really “help” was part of their discussion and whether or not the advice given actually helps people transition, move forward, and so forth. It made me think about this blog, what I’m trying to share with you, the advice I am offering to others and to those I have coached throughout the course of my career. I came to the conclusion that, as much stuff as is out there, if you’re going to put down the book after chapter one or chapter two, will it really help? It won’t help…unless you go DO. So, welcome to another addition of #3nomorethan5 in 5. The topic being, you gotta go do! I can give you tips. You can read it in a book. We can talk about what your superpowers are. We can discuss how you contributed in amazing ways. You can complain about why you haven’t been elevated to the next opportunity, or people just don’t seem to see the skills that you offer. But, in order to make the change happen, I think there are a handful of things that have to take place. Firstly, You gotta choose. You have to decide to make that change. And I know that can be scary. Going into the unknown. Trying to decide whether or not this new opportunity is the right one for you. Do you leave the devil you know to go toward something you don’t know? You gotta decide. And, until you decide, you can’t actually take the steps to make it happen. So once you’ve made the decision that it’s time to make a change, its time to tackle that hard conversation with your boss or colleague, let’s start thinking about the things you can do, the strategies you can take, to go and execute that. Once you’ve thought about that… identified a few things you want to discuss…some ways you want to bring it forward…NOW it’s about taking the deep breath and going and DOING it. It may not feel great. In fact, it’s probably going to suck. God knows I’ve tried a bunch of things in a bunch of ways and I’ve failed and I’ve sucked (go read that blog post). But in the end, the fact that I tried allowed me to build some skills to make it better the next time. And that’s what I want you to do. If you are looking at… What changes do I need to make? What tough conversations do I need to tackle?How can I get my team to perform better? First decide. Second, Let’s sit down. Let’s talk about the things you can do, the things you can try. And third, ya gotta go do it. So it sounds simple, but the execution is not. It’s never easy to get over your fears and try to make these things happen. And ya gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable in those cases. So if there are some things you want to talk about…if there are some things in your career or space that you need help with…let me know! Reach out to contact@leadership-ladder.com. I’m happy to connect with you. Let’s see if we can work toward the doing. But until you decide, it’s not going to happen. So decide, strategize, and go do. Until next time, cheers!

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