It’s time for another #3NoMoreThan5 in 5! Hey, how’s it going? Well, it’s going for 8 months now, can you believe it? Yeah, this little adventure of mine began 8 months ago as I was exploring what to do next and thought it would be fun to share my thoughts, my experiences, around what it takes to be a leader and what it takes to build into leadership and what a recipe for leadership might look like. I still believe and really do believe that everyone has the various ingredients it takes to be a leader, it’s just about how you use those ingredients. What proportions you use, when do you use them? And I do hope those various articles and #3NoMoreThan5 video postings that I have put out there have helped you start to think about your recipe of leadership. Some of the stories are things to give context, others are to be able to show you that these pieces are out there in all of you because they do involve real live people that I’ve worked with or are dear friends and as you start to formulate what are the things that work for you, I’d like to hear what those things are. So where it started? 8 months ago. Where it’s going? Is to continue hopefully being able to offer you insights, tips, thoughts through video posts that could be helpful in your career journey, but also looking for some feedback from all of you. Whether it’s what you want to see more of or less. Should I be doing more videos rather than writing? What are your thoughts? I still am adventuring in all of this. I know nothing about nothing and just trying a bunch of different things to see what’s going to stick. I’m still having fun, so we’re going to continue the adventure, but I do hope that you’re going to be part of that adventure with me and share your thoughts and insights. So keep an eye out for a survey that I believe will be sent to everyone, those of you who are newsletter subscribers, as well as those who are subscription readers to the blog and videos. So that’s coming your way and please, please, please, honesty, brutal, good, bad, ugly we’re looking for it all so that I can continue to evolve and hopefully offer content that will be helpful to you in your career growth. In terms of what else might be coming next, my Connected Space workshop is copyrighted and ready to go, so I’m actively trying to market it to different organizations and businesses to help companies and organizations learn how to think interdependently so that they can execute business goals collectively. You like that? That was my own little random tagline! Anyway, now that it’s copyrighted and protected I’m excited to be able to share that. More to come on that, perhaps by video, update the website to be able to share so if you’re part of any organization or lead a team that would be interested in learning more about it, reach out, send a note and I’ll be happy to chat and give you some insights on what that workshop is all about. So where it started? 8 months ago. How it’s going? Amazing for me, hopefully good for you as well! And what is next will be that Connected Space workshop that I’m going to put out there and also continuing to offer, for those that are interested, coaching sessions, being able to speak with folks about executive one-on-one coaching as an option. Lots of different ways to continue building your leadership, your development towards whatever the next step in your career might look like. So in the spirit of #3NoMoreThan5, I think I’m under 5 minutes. Until next time! Cheers!

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